5" Flight Stand

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Base is made from 1/8" laser cut MDF, the vertical arm is 1/16" clear acrylic (plexiglass).  Kit includes one rare earth magnet to attach to the top of the stand.  You can place another small rare earth magnet (not included) or a small metal piece of metal (washer, etc) on the bottom of your aircraft.

Photos show the stand with a 1/285th scale (6mm) F-15 Eagle, a 1/285th scale B-2 Stealth Bomber, a 1/285th scale shuttle model from the Star Wars X-Wing game, and a 15mm SX-18 Aurora Stealth VTOL from Clear Horizon Miniatures.  Stand should be suitable for most models between 6mm and 20mm scales. 

MDF base is 2" x 4"

Base is available as plain or with 5/8" hexes engraved in the surface for a more sci-fi flavor.  Select your option above.