Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints

Mission Models Paint is a water based acrylic premium hobby paint system.

Paints by nature even when "airbrush ready" mix at varying consistency when formulating the paint.  For example based on pigment values white pigment may be larger than green pigments no matter how fine the pigments are ground.  White is the larger pigment in raw form. What this means is one color may seem a bit thicker than another. This is not something to worry about and it is not a problem with the paint by any means. Although our paints are all airbrush ready you may find due to the nature of that particular pigment a bit of thinner may help you out. We do NOT add any additional thinners or reducers to force an " airbrush ready " product.  This is an advantage to you. This means consistent blends and you will never get a bad bottle of paint and no shelf life.   Please note that when looking at a Mission Models bottle of paint and due to the fact that all colors are triple pigmented the pigments will settle.  This is NOT an issue. In addition in some colors you will be able to see the various pigments used to make a particular color.  When you mix or shake the pigments blend together as intended.

If you feel you need to add thinner (technically a reducer) less is more!  If you go by the "skim or non fat milk rule" our paint is "Full Fat".  

Example  30-40 drops paint , 10% thinner or (3-4 drops)  , 10 % poly (polyurethane intermix) or (3-4 drops poly mix) and spray at 10-15 psi.

Note from Allen at GCmini; while Mission Models paint is designed for airbrushing right out of the bottle, we have had great results brush painting with this paint as well.