Sword of Qadisiyah - Kit

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Kit contains a laser cut base, two resin cast bases that that arms mount on and two arms with swords that are solid pewter castings.

This is a re-release of this piece.  Originally it was all plastic and came pre-assembled for a bit more money.  This kit is far more durable as the major pieces are cast pewter instead of plastic and with only 5 pieces in the kit, it goes together in a few minutes.

The Arc of Triumph also called the Swords of Qdisyah and Hands of Victory in some Western sources, are a pair of triumphal arches in central Baghdad, Iraq. Each arch consists of a pair of hands holding crossed swords. The two arches mark the two entrances to Great Celebrations square and the parade-ground constructed to commemorate the Iran-Iraq war, led by then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The arches were opened to the public on August 8, 1989. It is one of Baghdad's sights and monuments and near to The Monument to the Unknown Soldier.