150' Tall Power Transmission Tower, AKA Electricity Plyon (1/285th Scale)

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Model stands just 6.5" (165mm) tall which is a scale 150 feet (46 meters) tall.

This product was designed some time ago and several examples of it have been assembled and finished for our in-house game boards but it was thought this item was too difficult to assemble and too fragile for most gamers.  Therefore it was decided not to offier it as an item in our store.  We've received several requests for this item from customers so now we have finally decided to offer it.

Before buying this item please make sure you understand the following:

1. This model made from a stiff card like material known as "stencil board", it is reasonable durable but WILL NOT stand up to a gamers elbow or hand coming down on it

2. The model contains very fine detail and is a bit tricky to assemble and requires some skill and a lot of patience, however it looks great once you get it done.

If you are ok with the two points above and still want to purchase this item, good for you, you're probably going to love it.