6mm Modular Elevated Roadways, 4 Lane

Modular elevated highway system.  Can be used in modern and future world settings.  Pieces are made from very durable .060" (1.5mm") acrylic (Plexiglass/Perplex) and can be finished and painted with standard plastic model paints.

Roadways are 4 lanes wide with each lane being .5" wide (2" total).  There is 1.050" (26mm) of vertical clearance under the road sections.

Important note:  Roadway sections and support columns are sold seperately to allow you to choose the style of support columns you want to use and allow us to add new support colums in the future.  All roadway sections require a support colum at each end, sections joined together share a common column. The 45 degree corner can have one at each end but the model looks better with an additional column in the middle of the span.