AML H-60 and H-90 Arm. Car - N93

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1/285th scale (6mm) pewter wargaming miniatures
Assembly and painting required

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    Don't Count On Five Of The Same Turret!

    Posted by Mark on 3rd Nov 2018

    The Good: A very detailed model, comes all but ready to assemble, with minimal prep work. Detail is such that even with paint it is clearly visible. Comes with different turret options, but see below for caveat. The Bad: The pack is neat for coming with turret options, but for whatever reason only four of each were provided for the five hulls in the model. This means that if you want to build out exclusively one type of model (in my case the H-90), you only get four vehicles, instead of the full five. (in my case, I just slapped a 60 turret on the outlier). Note: For South African and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe aficionados, this is a representation of the French AML. It could be used as a stand-in for the Eland, but lacks a few prominent features of that version, namely the different rear cooling depiction is of the AML, the pintle mount is completely omitted, as is the spare tire occasionally seen on turrets.