BMD-3 (5/Pk)- W94

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The BMD-3 (Boyevaya Mashina Desanta ,literally "Combat Vehicle of the Airborne") is a light infantry fighting vehicle originating in the Soviet Union that is fully amphibious and air-droppable with crew inside. It is intended to be a fire-support platform for use by airborne and air assault units. It is not an upgraded BMD-1 but a completely redesigned vehicle with a hydropneumatic suspension, new hull, a more powerful 2V-06-2 diesel engine and fitted with the complete turret of the BMP-2.

The vehicle is manufactured at the Volgograd Tractor Factory, Volgograd, Russia under the industrial index Objekt 950 and entered service with the VDV in 1990, in the last year before the fall of the Soviet Union. 123 BMD-3s and 60 BMD-4s are in service with the Russian Airborne Troops. They are planning to receive 10 BMD-4M vehicles and 10 BTR-MD vehicles for final testing by mid-2013, with commissioning by the end of 2013. The Russian Airborne is planning to acquire 1,000 BMD-4Ms through 2020.

1/285th scale (6mm) pewter wargaming miniatures
Assembly and painting required