Epic Battles: ACW The Iron Brigade

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The Iron Brigade (or black hats) was an infantry brigade in the Union Army of the Potomac, formed of regiments of three now Midwest states. Known for their strong fighting prowess and distinctive uniform, the Iron Brigade suffered the highest casualties of any formation during the Civil War.

These fantastically sculpted and beautifully easy to assemble miniatures in epic battle scale will allow you, the player, to add diversity to your Union forces on the tabletop.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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    The Iron Brigade 15mm "Brigade

    Posted by MICHAEL REESE on 14th Jun 2021

    Nicely cast in groups of 4 figures with 2 different flag groups, one also with an officer, the other a drummer. Crisp casting. Many bits to take off. Enough figures for 3 units of 5 stands of 4 groups of 5 figures each or 100 figures each. Each 100 figure unit represents one of the 5 Regiments in the Union Brigade. So the box has the three Wisconsin Regiments but not the Indiana nor Michigan Regiments. The included flag sheet does. 4 more command and 4 more infantry groups to represent the command stands of the missing Regiments would have been nice since due to losses the total size of the Brigade never exceeded 4 full Regiments as modeled. Some variety in poses would have also been nice as the figures all are in the same pose. These are lead based metal not the plastic. The attached 6 gun 12 pdr Napoleon smooth bore battery and mounted figures for Brigade Command are also omitted. A good starter set but not the entire Brigade. About half. Recommended in any case.