GP Medium Tent - 16x16 Square Tent (6) - 285SCE002

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6 tents per kit

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    GP Tents

    Posted by Tom Talasco on 13th Feb 2018

    Not a lot of detail, but heck, they are tents. What makes them good is that they just don't look like blobs, but do look like tents. They work well.

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    I've put up the real ones

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2015

    These are ubiquitous in the Army. I bought a pack as I wanted to build a battalion level TOC, where I spent some time in Germany. Basically 4 M577's back up to each other, and each sets up a gp medium behind it. They they connect those together by opening one side, lay out some lights/tables, and maybe throw up a large antenna and boom, that is your battalion level HQ. Often there is another M577 nearby for arty. Defenses would be half a dozen HMMWV's for the various officers within, and usually a combat platoon or so (or just the CO/XO command tracks). That is where all the orders for a battalion level fight are given from, and where the whole battle is coordinated from. They practice "jumping TOC" which breaks it all down and moves it somewhere else in 30 minutes or less. If there is a real threat nearby, the tents aren't setup and the 4 M577's just backup to each other and drop ramps.