INCOUNTRY - Starter Set

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Play intense, tactical, and realistic wargames right on your kitchen table with the INCOUNTRY 2 PLAYER STARTER BOX! Featuring true to life miniatures of Green Beret, Russian Alpha Team, and more! These miniatures are made of a durable metal and provide you with tons of detail to paint and HUGE value for your money.

This box will guarantee you and a friend can blast right into the tactical, authentic realism of INCOUNTRY!

In this box you'll receive MORE than enough to play an entire game of INCOUNTRY including over 20 authentically designed Models, the Recon rulebook, dice, and a Token Pack!

Featuring 10 Green Beret Special Forces units, their advisors, and their attack K-9 Unit!

Facing off against the Green Beret are the Russian Alpha Teams and their incountry Advisor teams with BONUS Drone operator team!

Our models are designed with actual service member input and MADE IN THE USA. Featuring easy to assemble and customize metal designs our products stand head and shoulders above the competition in authenticity, detail, and functionality. Giving you an amazing painting experience and unmatched durability!

This amazing box set comes with:
10 Green Beret Forces
1 K-9 Unit Model
10 Russian Alpha Team Models
Token Pack
Collectible Box