Middle Eastern City Walls (MDF) - 15MMDF084

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10 1/4 feet of city walls (3.12 meters) in one kit.

Suitable for 15mm and 20mm wargaming and compatable with our Modular Road System.  The narrow archways fit the 2 lane roads and the wider archways fit the 4 lane road sections.  The large wall sections are 11.4" (290mm) long and 2.9" (74mm) tall.

Each wall and archway piece have detailed engraving on one side, if you would like detailed engraving on both sides of your walls simply glue two pieces back to back and you'll have cool detialing on both sides and your walls will be twice as thick.

When used in 15mm gaming these walls are about 24 feet tall, in 20mm scale they are 17.4 feet tall. Both are great heights for city walls.