Green Stuff World: Paint Set - Orcs and Goblins

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Acrylic paints with an opaque and smooth matt finish, especially designed for modelling and miniature painting. Curated and carefully developed by experienced artists using a new generation of pigments, the Acrylic Color range aims to provide a full spectrum of all basic tones and shades necessary for wargames, vehicles, miniatures and dioramas, as well as colours exclusive to GSW.

Rich in high quality pigments, these colours will leave a fine homogenous layer of fast drying paint, respecting all details on the surface. Perfect for glazes and other techniques, making them adequate for experts and amateurs alike.

Non-toxic water-based with no latex. Shake well before use. Includes stainless steel mixing ball. Contains 8 x 17ml.


1x Liche Purple
1x Forest Green
1x Hunter Green
1x Flubber Green
1x Sun-bleached Bone
1x Redwood Brown
1x Pale Flesh
1x Ork Blood