Star Wars™ Legion™ Tournament Tray

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This tournament tray is designed for Star Wars™ Legion™ players taking their forces to a tournament, your local game shop/club, convention, or just to your buddy's house.  No need to take your entire collection with, just take what you are going to use.  This tray holds the entire starter set with a few spaces left over.

The drawer features dividers that you can configure any way you like.  The drawer will hold your order dice, D6s, laser pointer, and other accessories.

Entire unit measures: 8.24"" x 12.24"" (209mm x 311mm) and is about 3" tall.

If you use the GameCraft Miniatures Troop Transports, Tank Transports, or even the Paint Transports.,,, you will find that this Tournament Tray stacks on top of those units perfectly.

Assembly diagram available at

All of my Star Wars™ Legion™ figures are just wearing primer so far ... I hope to remedy that soon.  Then maybe I'll re-shoot the product images.

The Star Wars™ and Start Wars™ Legion™ are registered trademarks of their respective owners (Disney and Fantasy Flight Games).  This product is not manufactured by FFG, it is an optional aftermarket product that is compatible with Star Wars™ Legion™ miniatures and game accessories.





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    Good value

    Posted by Cole Knutson on 26th Oct 2019

    Great tournament tray with easy construction. Its only drawback is that it does not hold many miniatures and in many cases not even an entire 800 point list (only enough room for 1 bike unit or 1 atrt)