Test of Honour - Rennyo, Keeper of the Gate

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This set contains:

  • 1 Rennyo miniature
  • 2 Recruitment Cards - Rennyo and Ikko Preacher
  • 1 Skill card

As a pacifist, Rennyo is an unusual character who cannot make attacks - instead he provides huge bonuses to all the believers around him. There is also a Recruitment card to use the model as an Ikko Preacher.

 The Ikko-ikki were a rebellious group motivated by religious doctrine. They consisted of peasants, merchants, monks and even low-ranking samurai who all followed a militant sect of Buddhism led by a charismatic priest called Rennyo.

In 1486 the Ikko-ikki staged a violent uprising in Kaga province, overthrowing the governor and taking control for themselves – the first time in Japanese history that commoners had ruled a province. 

The movement had thousands of dedicated followers – fanatical Sohei warrior monks as well as simple peasant farmers seeking an escape from their lives of toil and oppression.