Vac-U-Cast Resin Castings



The Vac-U-Cast process was developed by GCmini to allow us to cast very detailed models with tiny features and extreme undercuts that normally would cause air bubbles in the cast models.  
These types of detailed models cannot be cast using traditional gravity poured casting techniques and produce only marginal results when cast using a pressure casting process. In the Vac-U-Cast process, all air is evacuated from both the resin and the mold.  
It's like resin casting in the total vacuum of space without all that pesky boiling blood and dying of asphyxiation. 

The Vac-U-Cast process is far more labor intensive than normal gravity pour techniques. These highly detailed models are much harder on the rubber molds, therefore, limiting the useful life of a mold. These factors both contribute to a higher cost to manufacture these models, and therefore, a higher retail price for the models. As always, we try to keep our prices are fair as possible, but be advised that Vac-U-Cast models will cost more, there is no way around this reality.