Virai Dronescourge

Virai LogoThe Dronescourge are an ancient threat only recently resurfacing due to the Xilos catastrophe.  An all-drone ‘race’, they have a tightly hierarchical society governed by a ‘First Instance’ architector drone who delegates areas of responsibility to ‘Second Instances’ it constructs.  In turn, Seconds build Tertiary Supervisor architectors and numerous, specialised constructor, warrior and weapon drones to assist them in their task. They distrust biologics, the distrust tending towards paranoia and a view that regards infestations by biological life on their salvaged ship/occupied world/asteroid/stolen orbital as a disease.

The army relies on its architectors, and must have at least one with a proportion of constructor drones, but luckily its constructors come in varying specialities. In it’s own environment – enclosed spaces, mines, starships – it is very effective but against well-equipped, heavy weapons in the open it needs a careful hand. Though forces typically have higher than average order dice, some drone units are brittle and when isolated from their architectors are easy pickings. In play, they often do well in the first few turns, and then fade towards the end, so it is a careful balance of trying to achieve as much as possible at the start and then relying on their close-quarter competence later in the game.