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28mm Ruined Church Kit

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Hey guys, I finally got around to assembling and painting the new 28mm Ruined Church kit. Here are a few photos of the kit, built as supplied. I plan in adding some additional details to make it my own … but I wanted to show you what it looks like built right out of the box.

​Wargaming Scales - Do You Know Where They Came From?

You've heard of these scales forever; 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm etc. Well, to be truthful, these are not scales at all. They are measures of distance. A scale is "1/4" or "1/72nd" or "1/100th", these are ratios between the dimensions of the real item and the model. For example, if I am making a model [...]

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Product Images...

Did you know that most products on the GameCraft site have several product photos? I normally try to post a photo of all the kit parts, a photo or two of the model built but unpainted and then several of the model totally finished. Sometimes one or two of the images might also have dimensions [...]

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New from GHQ - The Northrop F5E Tiger II

Today we added the new F5E Tiger II from GHQ Miniatures.  This 1/285th scale miniature is a great looking model of this classic supersonic fighter.To read all about this great plane or to order yours today please click here 

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International shipping option updated

When customers outside the USA checked out, they would simply see an option that said something like "Rest Of The World - $20.00"   It was not clear that this is only a shipping estimate and actual shipping costs are not known until your order is actually packed up and weighed for shipping.Now the shipping [...]

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Paint Racks, Not Just For Gamers

Our paint racks are not just for gamers, they are also great for model builders, model railroaders and all sorts of other crafts.  Someone the paints fishing lures or duck decoys would love these racks.  Heck, they are not even just for guys.  Here is one that belongs to a young lady named Hannah.  She [...]

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GameCraft 1/285th Scale Metal Miniatures

GameCraft have recently ventured into the world of manufacturing metal (Pewter) wargaming miniatures.Our first item that was the Palletized Load System (PLS) conversion kit for the GHQ HEMTT Truck.  With this kit you can convert a GHQ HEMTT (Part number N95) into an M1074 PLS.  Just type "PLS" into the search at the top of [...]

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Welcome To The New GameCraft Store

Welcome to the new GameCraft Store!The new store is up and running and it has a lot new exciting features for you as a customer.  Please explore the site and check out all the cool new stuff.Moving a store of this size (over 2000 products) is a gigantic operation and there are bound to [...]

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