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Terrain Hexes

Elevate your tabletop wargaming experience to new heights with our Terrain Hexes, designed to empower your creativity and enhance your gaming sessions wheotehr it be historical, fantasy or sci-fi.

With Terrain Hexes, you become the master of your battlefield, capable of crafting intricate and dynamic terrain layouts that evolve with every game. Unleash your imagination, as the possibilities for arrangement are virtually endless. These hexes are your canvas, waiting to be painted, flocked, and adorned to your heart's desire. The foam's versatility allows you to carve and sculpt unique terrain features, adding a distinctive touch to your gaming world. Stack the hexes to create towering landscapes that not only enrich your gaming environment but also challenge your opponents.

Our Terrain Hexes are available in two options: foam-only or foam paired with a sturdy MDF base, providing additional durability to the already robust foam. Affixing the foam hex to the MDF base is a breeze with common white glue, with Tacky Glue being our preferred choice.

Our foam hexes and MDF bases are precision-cut using CNC technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and quality in every piece. Dive into the world of tabletop wargaming with Terrain Hexes and bring your fantasy and sci-fi battles to life with unmatched versatility and durability.