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Terrain Hex Circle of Seven - 4"

$6.00 - $7.50
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Includes seven foam hexes and one 'circle of seven' hex MDF base.  This is perfect for larger terrain pieces or cities and towns.

Foam Terrain Hexes are 1/2 thick and are made of high quality XPS foam, not that white foam you see in ice chests and packing material.

Hexes can be painted, flocked and decoarted to your liking.  You can even cut into the foam to create unique terrain features.  You can stack hexes to make taller terrain to make your boards more interesting and to frustrate your opponent.

The MDF base adds even more durability to the already durable foam.  You can glue the foam hex to the MDF base using common white glue, we prefer Tacky Glue.

Foam hexes and the MDF bases are both CNC cut to insure perfect precision.