Ammo by Mig

Posted by Haden on 27th Jul 2019

We are now carrying the majority of Mig's Ammo line. That includes books, brushes, oil brushers, washes, pigments, splashes, acrylics, and muds. Come get em while they're hot.... well room temperature … read more

New Ancient Times War Game From Warlord: SPQR

Posted by Haden on 26th Jul 2019

SPQR is a warband based skirmish game set in well ancient times with Romans and Gaul. Unlike earlier games of the same time period from warlord this doesnt revolve around whole armies fighting rather … read more

Team Yankee is back, bigger and better than ever

Posted by Allen on 23rd Jul 2019

In 2015, Battlefront Miniatures released Team Yankee, a 15mm wargame in cold war era Europe. GCmini was stocking the game and all the miniatures at that time and we even created an entire line of sce … read more

28mm Ruined Church Kit

Posted by Allen on 8th Sep 2017

Hey guys, I finally got around to assembling and painting the new 28mm Ruined Church kit. Here are a few photos of the kit, built as supplied. I plan in adding some additional details to make it my ow … read more