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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

If you receive a product that is defective or missing pieces, do not return the product, email us and let us correct the problem for you.  We want to make it right and keep things as simple as possible for you.  If we cannot solve the issue for you, we will provide you with return instructions and we will issue you a full refund for your purchase.  Items that are mistakenly ordered or where you ordered the wrong size or scale must be returned in re-sell able condition.


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. 

Domestic US shipping is a flat rate depending on the total of your order.  Whenever possible we will ship via Priority Mail so that you receive your products in as short a time period as possible.

world150.jpgInternational Shipping

I only charge you the amount that the US postal service charges me, not one penny more than that. I do not believe in charging our customers a "handling fee", we believe that such fees are just another way for businesses to take more money from you and give you nothing in return.

Due to the varied weight of our products and all the possible destinations of the shipments it is impossible for us to accurately estimate how much your postage fee will be. What we do is this; we will charge you a flat rate of $20 when you process your order. When your order ships we will refund you the balance of the shipping fee if it is less or send you an invoice for the additional shipping if it is more. In approximately 80% of all cases I refund shipping overpayments, It's far less common that I have to request additional fees, but it does happen.

Taxes, fees, and tariffs:  GCmini has no way of predicting if your customs authority will charge you import fees, taxes, tariffs, or any other fees for your package.  This matter is out of our hands and is at the discretion of your government.  Please be aware that when your package arrives at your country there is a possibility that you will be contacted by your customs authority and asked to pay some sort of fee.  Again, this is out of our hands, we wish this would never happen, but it sometimes does.  Check your local customs law to see if you are likely to be assesed an import fee or tax.