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10mm Parking Structure, Top Floor (Acrylic) - 10MACR082-3

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7.66" x 7.66" (195mm x 195mm) footprint.

Stackable structure can built as a single unit (floors glued together) or as individual modules so you can stack and unstack as you wish.  The minimum pieces you'll need are a ground floor and a top floor, but you can also add as many middle floors as you like to make a structure as tall as you want.  Photos of the finished model show 1 Ground Floor, 2 Middle Floors, and 1 Top Floor (all sold seperately).

Generic design should fit well in most regions of the world and most time periods from WWII forward and into the future.

Note: This is builder's kit, it's not a miniature you take out of the packing, paint and pop it on the board and start playing.  If you buy this kit please be prepared to spend some time building and finishing it. It's truly a model kit, not a miniature.  It goes together very easily and looks great when finished ... it just takes a little time.

Note: Photos show the 6mm (1/285th) version, the 10mm version is exactly the same only larger (dimensions above)

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