15mm "Saving Private Ryan" Church Bell Tower

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This model is based on the church bell tower from the movie "Saving Private Ryan".  As you can see, this model features a high level of detail and accuracy.  A lot of time was spent researching the building from the movie and great care was taken to replicate that building as accurately as possible while creating a miniature that works for gaming.

The assembled model measures aprox 7.5" 6" 8" tall (190mm x 152mm x 203mm)

Important: Be sure to download the instructions/parts sheets, they will make assembly very simple for you.

Note: The instruction sheet shows the 28mm version of this model, this model assembles exactly the same as the larger version

Photos of painted model coming very soon.

Note: Photos of finished model may show details added by the builder such as rubble and base.  These are not part of the kit.