28mm Blackhawk Down "Target Building" - 28MMDF085

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This massive structure measures 26.89" x 21.29" and is 8.59" tall (683mm x 541mm x 218mm).  This building is the main building on Hawlwadig Road in Mogadishu (It's "the Moge", nobody calls it Mogadeshu) Somalia where the Rangers and Special Forces went in to capture Aidid's men.

This building can be built as 4 assemblies for easier transport or all together as one unit.  The balconies in the center courtyard are 1.4" deep to accommodate based figures with bases of 1.4" or less.

This kit goes together very easily but there are lots of parts and some things need to be assembled in a specific order and that is covered in the tutorial video below.

Youtube LogoFull assembly tutorial video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-4dDO7uFGg

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