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28mm "Brownstone" Row House (MDF) - 28MMDF402

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Model measures 4" x 5.25" x 6.97" tall ( 102mm x 133mm x 177mm) Excluding stairs

Inspired by the Brownstone style buildings found in New York and the New England region.  Models could even work in other regions like along the canals in Amsterdam or any major city.  Depending on how you finish the kit, it could fit many areas.

Great for 28mm Zombie, Gangster and Sci-Fi type games as well as wargames. 

Note on ordering options.  Choosing the "Full First Floor" option gets you the building exactly as shown in the photos and as described in the description above.  Choosing the "Half Basement" version gets you the building with the first floor (basement) reduced in height by aprox .75" (19mm), this reduces the overall height of the building by .75" and also reduces the amount the stairs extend out from the front of the building by nearly a full inch (aprox .93" in most cases)

Photo below demostrates the difference between a "Half Basement" and a "Full First Floor" version.  (Sample building, design may differ from this model)