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28mm Terrain Block - Four Way Crossing with Crater

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Terrain Blocks measure 16" across flat-to-flat (excluding tabs).

Intersection has a cutout for creating a bomb crater. Simply dig out as much foam as you like to create the crater you want. On our sample model we created a lip around the crater using our GCM Scenics Terra-Form product.

The Terrain Blocks are 3mm MDF that is pre-bonded to 1" XPS foam to keep them lightweight and help insure the MDF does not bow and refuse to lay flat on your table. The Terrain Blocks come with small connector "dogbones" that keep the Terrain Blocks from sliding around and separating from each other.

The Terrain Blocks are delivered unpainted but can very quickly be finished using rattle can spraypaint from your local DIY shop. We recommend painting the streets and other areas first before attaching the sidewalks, that way you can paint the sidewalks and then glue them to the Terrain Blocks with no masking or worrying about getting sidewalk paint on the roads. Easy!!!
Terrain Blocks are 100% compatible with our existing 28mm Modular Road System components and street marking templates.