5mm Building Riser Material - 28MWEST041

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These strips are 5mm (.200") tall and are meant to be used to raise buildings up 5mm.  Why would you do this?  According to a customer that I just spoke to on the phone, there is at least one Wild West game that comes with miniatures that are 32mm scale instead of 28mm.  So the normal GameCraft Wild West buildings appear a little short when used with these 32mm minis.  These wall extension pieces were agreed to be an easy fix for making the GameCraft buildings look a little taller and work better with these 32mm minis.  Simply cut these pieces to length and apply them to the bottom of the walls of your building and now your buildings and doorways are 5mm (.2") taller.

Set contains 20 pieces at 12" long with lines scribed on them that will match most of the existing GameCraft Wild West buildings.  One kit should do a good sized town.