Airbrush Station

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Painting station with a built-in 9 3/4" round "Lazy Susan" platform.

Very handy for painting (airbrush and brush painting) miniatures and model kits.  Model can be rotated to show any side you want to work on.

Side and back panels are easily removable for storage.

Our Paint Station Lights are 100% compatible with this Airbrush Station.

Note: Airbrushing using this station with the side and back panels attached will cut down on overspray leaving your immediate work area and help keep your area clean.  However this painting station WILL NOT protect you or anyone around you from dangerous fumes from the paint/chemicals you are using.  Use in a well ventilated area and wear a mask or respirator when working with hazardous materials.

Made from 1/8" MDF and supplied in kit form or factory assembled