Blast/Effect Marker (MLRS / HIMARS) - BLAST003

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Well, here is something that might apeal to two or three of you out there.  I made these templates for myself to use with my TAC II (6mm / 285th scale Micro Armor) game when firing M270 MLRS and HIMARS salvos.  Once they were made I figured why not add them to the site in case anyone else needs something like this.

The blast areas are 1" in diameter making the total area of the 6 round marker 2" x 3" and the larger 12 round marker 2" x 6".  The smaller maker is used for the HIMARS and also for MLRS when shooting only on magazine of 6 rounds.  The larger marker is used for the MLRS when firing a full load of 12 rounds.

The way I use them is place the crosshairs over the MPI (Mean Poing of Impact) and any vehicle or infantry stand that has any portion of it within the blast marker receives the full conventional fire factors of the weapon.