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Daily Tips and Tricks for Painting Miniatures - Day 23: How to Paint Non-Humanoid Creatures like Monsters and Animals

Daily Tips and Tricks for Painting Miniatures - Day 23: How to Paint Non-Humanoid Creatures like Monsters and Animals

Posted by Allen on 5th Apr 2023

Painting non-humanoid creatures like monsters and animals can be challenging but also rewarding. These creatures require a different approach to painting than humanoids, as they often have different textures, colors, and shapes. In this article, we'll discuss some tips and tricks for painting non-humanoid creatures to help you achieve stunning and realistic results.

1.Research Your Creature: Before you start painting, research your creature. Look for reference images or videos to get an idea of its colors, textures, and anatomy. This will help you create a more accurate and realistic representation of the creature.

2.Choose the Right Colors: Non-humanoid creatures often have unique colors and textures. Look for colors that complement the creature's natural tones, such as browns and greens for earthy creatures, or blues and purples for aquatic creatures.

3.Use Different Brushes: Non-humanoid creatures often have different textures than humanoids. Use different brushes to create these textures, such as a stippling brush for scales or a dry brush for fur.

4.Highlight and Shadow: Non-humanoid creatures often have more prominent highlights and shadows than humanoids. Use a light touch and layer your colors to create these highlights and shadows.

5.Practice Blending: Blending is essential for creating realistic-looking creatures. Practice blending different colors and textures to create a natural and seamless transition between colors.

6.Experiment with Techniques: Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques, such as dry brushing or glazing. These techniques can help you achieve unique and interesting textures and colors.

In conclusion, painting non-humanoid creatures requires a different approach than humanoid creatures. Research your creature, choose the right colors, use different brushes, highlight and shadow, practice blending, and experiment with techniques. carries a wide range of painting supplies that can help you achieve the perfect technique for your non-humanoid creature. With practice and patience, you can create stunning and realistic creatures that will stand out on the tabletop.