Bolt Action: Island Assault! Bolt Action starter set

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The battles of World War Two ravaged the entire world. Where the Band of Brothers starter set is very much concerned with the European Theatre in the wake of D-Day, our brand new starter set shifts focus to the Pacific, pitting the United States Marine Corps against Japanese Island defenders in some of the most brutal and hard-fought battles of the War.

The new starter set is focussed on the island-hopping campaigns enacted by the US to reclaim Japanese advances.

Full Contents:
    Bolt Action A5 Rulebook
    Island Assault booklet
    24 Imperial Japanese Army soldiers
    Chi-Ha tank
    24 US Marines
    M3A1 Half-track
    Pin marker sprue
    Template sprue
    1 Pillbox (exclusive to this set)
    2 Spiderholes (exclusive to this set)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted