Bolt Action: Schwimmwagen

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The Schwimmwagen was adapted from the Kubelwagen to produce a four-wheel drive amphibious vehicle. It was widely used - and not just in an amphibious role - fulfilling a similar function to jeeps in the Allied armies.

This vehicle was in use throughout the conflict in most theatres.


  • 1 x resin Schwimmwagen
  • 1 x metal German driver  with 2 head variants - 1 field cap and 1 covered helmet
  • metal pieces for detailing

Bolt Action stats

  • Type: Transports and Tows
  • Weapons: None
  • Damage Value: 6+ (soft skin)
  • Transport: Up to 3 men
  • Tow: Light and anti-tank gun
  • Special rules: Amphibious
  • NB: Can also be veteran and Inexperienced, see Bolt Action rulebook for more details