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Civilian Vehicles, 6mm Scale

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These are plastic cast cars that are made for the architectural model industry. The stated scale is 1/300th scale but work just fine for 1/285th scale (6mm) use.

I've been using these myself for some time now and you've probably seen them in photos of many 1/285th scale buildings and parking lots on this site. Several people have written me and asked where to get them so I figured I'd make them available on the site. I buy them in bulk from China and repackage them in packs of 10 for you.

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    6mm civilian cars

    Posted by Timothy Lee on 21st Aug 2020

    I was overall very pleased with the product. I have rarely seen other manufacturers offer civilian vehicles in this scale. And when I have they charge twice as much for a single vehicle. But, they were not very crisp in their details. Then again they are just bits of scenery for the real stars of the show. The Tanks

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    Neat little addition

    Posted by Wayne on 21st Jun 2018

    Great way to add a little "lived in" detail to a game table. Cars seem a little small but most 1/285 infantry (GQH) is actually over large for the scale to better preserve details. Scales perfectly to 1/285 scale vehicles though. Wish there were a better assortment of vehicle types, Mini van, sedan, etc.

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    Excellent scatter terrain

    Posted by Wouter on 26th Nov 2015

    Considering the scales, these little cars are nicely detailed and very useful to make a city look a bit more lived in. I only wish there were more different models of these cars or more different types like trucks, ambulances, minis.

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    These cars were just the right detail

    Posted by Chris on 31st Dec 2014

    I purchased 3 sets of 10 cars. They seem to come in three styles, a Porche-type sports car, a sedan with sunroof, and a coupe. After painting them and gluing them in place, I stood back and the entire gaming diorama came to life.

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    Great set dressing for modern games

    Posted by Al Dunn on 3rd Oct 2014

    On opening the pack my first impression was they look a little small. More on that later. There are ten cars to a pack. Three different types: Large saloon, small saloon and sports model. Numbers of each per pack are variable. The castings are quite good but not GHQ standard. Windows, doors, sunroofs and even mirrors are discernible. There is little cleaning up to do, just a moulding tab at the back of each one. Back to the size. Measurements showed the length to be 14.07 14.79 and 16.03 mm. Apparently, the average length of a car in the US is 4.12 metres. So they are about right. (Apologies to my American cousins who still use inches) At a dollar fifty for ten these are really cheap and make a great addition to a six mil battlefield. I would like to see more of these: trucks, semis(see, I can use the US words! In the UK, artics), construction vehicles, etc. At the price they are a must have for every serious modern gamer. Happy gaiming, Al.