Infinity (#772) Zhencha, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (Hacker)

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Infinity (#772) Zh_nchÌ´ÌÊ, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (Hacker)

The ZhåÛÌÕnchá are the best Heavy Infantry you can find among Yu Jing troops. They will be capable of stopping the enemy advance thanks to their Camouflage and their skill in Infiltration. Don’t hesitate on using them against the Nomad faction, who will be especially vulnerable due to the ZhåÛÌÕnchá Hacking Device.

This Infinity miniature is a must if you want to increase the power of the Invincible Army, Yu Jing Support Pack. You can use them along with Daoying Operative or Hâidào too.

Miniature requires assembly and painting.