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M4A1(76)W Sherman- LH

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There are four M4A1 variants. The M4A1(75) Sherman (Sherman II in British naming system) with a 75mm gun (6,181 units); the M4A1(75) Sherman with large hatches (100 units); the M4A1(76)W Sherman (Sherman IIA) with “wet” ammunition stowage (2,171 units); and the M4A1(76)W HVSS Sherman (Sherman IIAY) with HVSS suspension (1,255 units).

Product Highlights:
- M4A1 (Sherman IIA) with 76mm gun
- Includes both early & late production T23 turret
- Open or closed command & crew hatches
- Tank crew figures included

1/56th scale plastic model for 28mm wargaming.
assembly and painting required.