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Mythic America: Aztec and Nations Starter Set

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The new Mythic Americas version of Warlords of Erehwon still keeps at its heart a singular objective in mind – to allow for fast-paced and exciting miniature battles upon a standard-sized table between rival forces known as Warbands. A Warband represents your own band of warriors – courageous humans, blood-thirsty monsters, legendary heroes, and mythological entities from the depths of the darkest myths.

The Mythic Americas Starter Set includes:

    Aztec Starter warband:
        1 Tlalocan High Priest Hero unit (INCLUDING 4 Bound-Dead Bodyguards. 5 models)
        2 Tlalocan-Bound Dead WARRIOR units (10 models)
    Tribal Nations Starter warband:
        1 Sachem Warlord Unit (INCLUDING 2 Mohawk Warrior Bodyguards - 3 models)
        1 Mohawk Warrior UNITS (5 models)
        1 Seneca Warrior UNITS (5 models)
    Softback Rulebook
    Game Cards