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Oilbrusher Rack

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Designed specifically to hold the Ammo By Mig Oilbrushers.  Holds 18 Oilbrushers and has holes for regular paint brushes and glue bottles.  Oilbrushers can be stored upright or inverted, allowing you to see the colors through the bottom of the bottles.

This rack is based on the "Brush and Glue Rack" that we've offered for years and is compatible with the Brush and Glue Rack drawer and riser.

Fits perfectly with our Paint Racks.  This Brush Rack is exactly 1/2 as wide as the paint racks and exactly as high and deep.

Dimensions:  5.95" across the front, 7.87" deep and 5.1" tall (151mm x 200mm x 130mm)