Rotating Paint Rack - For 22ml Pro Acryl Paints

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Rotating circular caddy for 31mm diameter paint bottles like the 22ml Pro Acryl paints from Monument Hobbies.

Made from 1/8" (3mm) MDF. 

Measures 8" around at the base and 12 1/2" tall

The base is fitted with "Lazy Susan" type ball bearings that allow the carousel to spin freely giving you easy access to paints on all sides of the carousel.

The Paint Carousel holds 55 paint bottles and occupies less space on your desk than our regular 31mm Paint Rack which holds 43 bottles.

Assembly required using carpenters wood glue or regular white glue.

(Paint bottles shown in photos are not included)

Assembly is very simple, place the two vertical pieces into the already assembled base.  Then start attaching the round pieces starting with piece #1 and ending with piece #6 at the top. (See images)