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Rubicon Models Panzer IV Ausf J (1:56th scale / 28mm)

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The Panzer IV Ausf J
Despite addressing the mobility problems introduced by the previous models, the final production version of the Panzer IV, the Ausf J, was considered a retrograde from the Ausf H. Born of necessity to replace heavy losses it was greatly simplified to speed production. The electric generator that powered the tank’s turret traverse was removed so the turret had to be rotated manually. The turret traversing mechanism was modified and fitted with a second gear which made hand-operation easier when the vehicle was on sloping terrain. The resulting space was later used for the installation of an auxiliary 200-litre fuel tank; road range was thereby increased to 320km.

Product Highlights:
- All hatches can be open or closed
- Optional photo-etched Thoma wire-mesh skirts
- Special “jig” to aid schürzen assembly
- Two tank crew figures included

1/56th scale plastic model for 28mm wargaming.
assembly and painting required.