Tank Transports

Our Tank Transports hold many more vehicles than our competition's at a cost considerably less per vehicle and our Tank Transports have enough vertical space to insure that you do not crush your antenna, radar dishes, machine guns, etc.

These tank transports also allow you to show off your collection in an attractive case. Stack as many Tank Transports as you like and carry then as one sturdy unit.

Tank transport dimensions are 8.24"" x 12.24"" (209mm x 311mm) with an interior height of 1.080"" (27mm) without any foam, when foam is added the interior height is 1""  (24.4mm)

All Tank Transports come with one solid layer of foam that goes on the bottom of the tray and one or two layers of foam wth the cut-outs of your choice.  If you game only at your house and do not trasport your minis elsewhere, one layer of foam should work great for you.  However, if you transport your minis to your local gaming club or conventions and they might be subjected to vibration in your car or get bumped now and then, you'll certainly want the double layer foam option for your Tank Transports to keep your vehicles from hoping around and bumping into each other.  I use Tank Transports for all my Micro Armor and I always go for the double layer foam option.

Please note that the Tank Transports have names like "APC" and "MBT", please do not automatically assume that the one marked ""MBT"" will perfectly fit your tanks, these are just names.  Please refer to the cutout sizes listed when choosing the size you need.  When in doubt, go to the next size up.

Use these links below to jump directly to the tank transport you want or scroll down and start browsing

MBT - 12.7mm x 25.4mm (.5" x 1") 
MBT Version 2 - 14.7mm x 26.9mm (.449" x 1.059")
APC - 11.4mm x 20.3mm (.449" x .799")
APC Version 2 - 11.4mm x 22.9mm (.449" x .902")
LAV - 10.6mm x 20.3mm (.417" x .799")
HEMTT - 8.9mm x 37mm (.350" x 1.457")
Hummer - 9mm x 17.8mm (.54" x .701")
HalfTrack - 9.4mm x 27mm (.370" x 1.063")
25.4mm x 25.4mm (1" x 1")
16mm x 16mm (.63" x .63")
20mm x 20mm  (.787" x .8125")
20mm x 30mm (.787" x 1.181")
FoW - 25mm x 32mm (.984" x 1.260")
Merkava - 15mm x 30mm (.591" x 1.181)
12.7mm x 32mm (.5" x 1.25")
30mm x 40mm (1.18" x 1.57")
40mm x 40mm - (1.6" x 1.6")
6mm Infantry - 25.4mm x 40.6mm (1" x 1.6")
Armata - 15mm x 30mm (.591" x 1.181")
M1 Tank Bn

M2 Bradley Bn

 Tank Transport Top