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Test of Honour - Ashigaru with Bows and Muskets

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This set contains:

  • 2 Ashigaru with bows
  • 2 Ashigaru with muskets
  • 3 Trait cards
  • 1 Multi-base

Add some serious firepower to your force with these missile-armed Ashigaru - bows to harass the enemy and muskets to unleash a fatal blast. If you like, combine them with the Samurai Warband set to form groups of three.

Upgrade the archers with the Protect the Muskets trait to help them work together with the guns or the Barbed Arrows trait to inflict horrible wounds on your foe (changes the Strike bonus to Deep Cut). Boost the musketmen with the Bojutsu trait, allowing them to treat their gun as a staff in melee.