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Test of Honour V2: Unlikely Allies

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An isolated tea house is under attack. The hostess and her clients band together in its defence - peasant and samurai, ronin and priest forced into an unlikely alliance.

    Hostess - elegant proprietor - don't underestimate her!.
    Ronin Marksman - crack shot with a musket.
    Clan Envoy - high-ranking samurai, able to summon reinforcements.
    Wise Old Man - with years of experience and local knowledge.
    Priest - kneels in prayer to inspire his allies.
    Ashigaru Deserter - hated by his former comrades.
    Watchman - searches out enemies in the darkness.
    Blacksmith - sharpens blades and hits things with hammers!

This set is slightly different to the previous expansions - you can certainly use them together as a complete, and very characterful force, but the individuals are also designed to be added into other forces.

Box contains 18 gaming cards for Test of Honour and 8 metal character miniatures plus bases.