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The Ronin Shojo (3)

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Three miniatures for your Feudal Japan wargaming, armed with katanas.

The Ronin Shojo is a peculiar stranger that the stories say appears across the world in various drinking establishments. Keeping to a cinematic style set routine, she kicks in the doors demanding their best fighter challenge her in combat. Her companions stand behind her, snarling at the men who begin to leer or mock. Even though she's begun the duel intoxicated, it is said she has never lost. Following the victory, she remains at the bar for the rest of the evening continuing to drink with her acquaintances until the sun rises. The surrounding men, feeling emasculated attempt to outdrink these intriguing and terrifying women. They emerge hazy eyed to find their new visitors have already left. Thus the story of the Ronin Shojo gains another leg. Where they really visited by the Ronin Shojo, or was it drunken delirium?

Supplied unpainted cast in high quality metal. Display painted by John Morris.