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"The Sail" Hotel (Matboard) - 285CSS161

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This model is based on the look of the Burj Al Arab hotel on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

This is a very big, impressive piece.  It would be great in a middle eastern setting or even in a Sci-Fi setting.  It's a great center piece for your gaming table.

This is not a true scale model of that hotel, several design concessions were made to keep this model at a reasonable size, easy to assemble and reasonably durable.  The actual hotel is 28 floors tall, however each floor is a double floor.  In this model, each of the 28 floors is a single floor instead, making this model about 1/2 the size it would be if it was a true scale model of the Berj Al Arab.  We thought that a model of 44" tall would just be way too much so this model is about 1/2 as big as it should be.   

Model is made from precision laser cut MatBoard. If you have never built a MatBoard model before, be sure to check out the tutorial video in the "Product Videos" section of this listing.  
The observation deck is a 3D printed (Stereolithography) piece and the spire is a piece of styrene rod.

Entire model has aprox 4" x 4" footprint with a total height of about 19.5" with the spire  

Complete assembly instructions are available for download from

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