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Vauban Fortress Wall - 2" Straight - 285VAB003

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Vauban Fortress Walls.  While these were designed as 6mm (1/285th scale) pieces, they are suitable for gaming in scales from 3mm to 10mm.  Of course in 3mm (1/600th scale) these are very large, tall structures, in 6mm (1/285th scale) they are medium size structures, and in 10mm they are a bit smaller.

Walls are .750" (19mm) tall.  Walkway width on all pieces is .420" (10.67mm) wide. 

Here is a list of wall heights in the various scales:

3mm (1/600th)  = 37.5'
6mm (1/285th)  =  18'
10mm (1/160th) =  10'

All pieces are sold separately allowing you to make fortresses of various sizes.  For example using 1" and 2" straight sections you can make a 6 point fortress in any of the following sizes 6"x6", 6"x8", or 8"x8".  You can make larger fortresses by adding additional straight pieces between the corners.