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6mm Bailey Bridge (Matboard) - 285CSS033-3

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10.56" Long.

Model is precision cut from the highest quality mat board (as used in the picture framing industry), this is not flimsy paper, this is stiff mat board.  Model goes together quickly and easily using common white glue or “Tacky glue” and can be painted to any level of detail you desire or simply sprayed one color so you can get back to gaming.

Note about scale vs playability:  The side panels on this bridge are purposely oversized.  I tried to achive a balance between "looking right" and still being durable enough to be handled and used.  If these models were true to scale they would be very tiny and very fragile.  I think I've struck a nice balance between looking right and being usable.  As a professional model maker with over 20 years in the aerospace industy I undertand the need to be true to scale, but sometimes comprimises are made ... this is a game piece, not a scale model.