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23" Steel Bridge, Multi-Scale (see description) - MDF - 15MROAD006-1

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23.4" long (594mm) steel bridge.
A great piece of scenery and a perfect objective for your campaign.

Model can be used in 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm gaming

When used with 15mm minis this is a large bridge and it has a 195' span and the roadway is 23.75' wide
When used with 20mm minis this is a medium bridge and has a 140' span and the roadway is 17' wide
When used with 28mm minis this a smaller bridge and it has a 109' span and the roadway is 13.5' wide*

Models is made from .120" (3mm) MDF

Be sure to check out our video tutorial page for information on working with MDF.

* Roadway width at 28mm is 19.8' if you leave the sidewalks off (reccomended)