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Bolt Action: Japanese Army support group

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The men of the Imperial Japanese Army were excellent soldiers, with extraordinary devotion to their country and their Emperor. Battle-hardened by years of war in Manchuria, the Japanese army was well-disciplined, led by seasoned officers, and watched over by the dreaded Kempei-tei political officers.

Fanatical loyalty and iron discipline were the core of the Imperial Japanese Army ethos, and although it didn't have the same level of heavy weaponry and vehicles as their Allied opponents they were well supported by the likes of the Type 92 medium machine gun and Type 97 medium mortar.

Contains these metal models:

    2 officers with pistol
    1 Kempei-tei with pistol
    1 medic
    1 radio operator/spotter
    1 medium mortar team
    1 MMG team

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted