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Cruel Seas: Soviet Navy Fleet

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The Soviet Navy then is not a glamorous fleet for the gamer. Rather it’s a solid, unsophisticated affair, with no radar, little radio, few automatic cannons or other refinements. As ever with Russian forces, quantity has a quality all its own. Your best tactic is to get in quick, torpedo your target and escape fast as you are likely to take much damage from concentrated cannon fire. Use the MO boats to support you, use minefields to hide in, and if desperate, use the threat of your terrifying if inaccurate Katyusha rocket! URRAH!

The Soviet Navy Fleet Contains:

    4 x G5 MTB (metal)
    4 x D3 MTB (metal)
    2 x Bronekaters (metal)
    1 x Fugas class Minesweeper (resin and metal)
    1 x Il-2 Sturmovik (metal)
    Ship Cards
    Plastic Torpedo markers