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Victory at Sea: Royal Navy Fleet

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The Royal Navy of Great Britain was the world’s greatest navy at the outbreak of the Second World War. However, Britain went to war with mainly First World War-vintage vessels. Since the Royal Navy already possessed many powerful units, construction of the most modern designs was limited. This meant that at the outbreak of World War Two Britain had far more battleships than most other nations, but they had smaller guns than those built to the most modern ships.


    Eagle-class Carrier - HMS Eagle 1940
    King George V-class Battleship - HMS Duke of York 1943
    Leander-class cruiser - HMS Neptune 1941
    Edinburgh-class cruiser - HMS Belfast 1942
    Dido-class cruiser - HMS Dido 1940
    Tribal-class Destroyer x3
    Torpedo-Bomber Aircraft - Fairey Swordfish x4 flights
    Ship Cards and Damage Sliders
    Assembly Instructions

Ships are in Resin and Warlord Resin